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Tips for Designer for Helpful Feedback | RedTalkers Hosting |

Tips for Designer for Helpful Feedback | RedTalkers Hosting |

Here Are The Tips for Designer for Helpful and Beneficial Feedback


Hey, we are glad to see you here! redtalkershosting.com has an extremely interesting guide for providing your designer with effective types of feedbacks below.

So, let’s go together! And Learn the Tips for Designer for Helpful Feedback.

Whether a designer is highly experienced or not, giving the right and healthy feedback plays a tremendous role in the productive collaboration between a client and a designer. Therefore, if you really want to make your good designer to the greater one learn how to provide helpful feedbacks which can be a key factor to get your designer to grasp your real wants and needs. How do you manage to give constructive feedback to your designer? The answers are here!

Tips for Designer for Helpful Feedback! 

 Tips for Designer for Helpful Feedback

Build the foundation of trust

At first, it is highly essential to establish trust between two collaborators before a designer will receive your feedback with open arms! Showing faith and trust lead to strengthening the mutual and fruitful cooperation which lasts long and causes for best achievements in business.

Make the word WHY your best friend

Be clear about what you want! Giving valuable feedback is very important for your designer in order to improve the design process. Keep away from merely saying “I like it” or “I don’t like it”. At this moment in time, always present yourself with the question WHY? And provide yourself with the right answer. By this method, you are able to help your designer get the core of what you want, feel, or intend to reach the expected result on the whole website.

Give examples

As you are not an expert designer, it is a usual and ordinary thing if you get into trouble with expressing your opinions exactly about what you expect. In that case, use images, screenshots, or links as an example to make it clear.

Avoid saying trendy phrases and idioms.

Do really not say “Make it fresh”, “Shape up!”, “Make a killing” “Jazz it up” “Cool”. A designer cannot read your mind if you are talking about the shape, appearance color, style- the list goes on, asking for making it bigger, brighter, smaller, lighter and etc. It just induces your designer to suffer hardly from thinking about which types of questions are appropriate to ask and get clarification.

Keep your balance

Do not only focus on negatives, remember that people like receiving compliments. In order to keep your working relationship healthy and make your designer continue in the right way, give always positive feedback before you show your disagreement about the result.

Be honest but not overly sharp

Remember that a designer is a human being. Learn to appreciate the works and efforts of your designer whether those works are vastly different from what you expected and wanted. Do not rush into rejecting it swiftly instead of trying to take a few hours to comprehend what the designer has produced to make sure if it is workable or not. Try to continue building positive collaboration by praising along with criticizing. However, you are the customer who is paying for the design, if you do not give honest feedback for the works the designer produced you may put your website at risk which the outcomes will work adversely for you.

Be objective

Avoid the word “like”. It always doesn’t make sense that what you like and what you don’t like. Keep in mind that your website isn’t about you, it’s about your and business. It makes great sense what your target audience likes and how you serve the needs of your audience at all.

Don’t be bother to ask questions

Always ask questions if you cannot understand elements of design why he chose that color or that style and so on. Feedback should be in the open discussion don’t think your questions will annoy your designer and interrupt his work process. Asking questions shows the designer that you value their opinion and that you’re invested in the project.

Tips for Designer for Helpful FeedbackDon’t expect magic!

A designer is not a magician to creates your imagination. Be realistic in your expectations of the designer – keeping requirements clear, simple, and easy to follow is yet another ultimate fulfillment in the design process. 

Make a list of problems, not solutions

If you clearly laid out the problem, your designer might see a more effective solution including color, placement, or white space. For instance, if you’re providing logo feedback, make sure your feedback isn’t simply: “Make the logo bigger or grey, white and black.” Explain why you want it bigger. Is it getting lost on the page? Is it difficult to make out what it is? Why it should be in exactly those colors? However, if you say, “I don’t think the shape and color of the logo match the company’s personality or the audience age,” you’ll ignite a conversation about what the company’s personality and target audience are and which colors are accurate reflections.

We hope that you are pleased to learn the Tips for Designer for Helpful Feedback for making great progress in your business!

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