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2020 Web Development Trends and Traits - | Redtalkershosting.com |

2020 Web Development Trends and Traits - | Redtalkershosting.com |

2020 Web Development Trends, Tricks, And Tactics!


2020 Web Development Trends Begins Here


Website development is an ever-changing business! In a few handfuls of years, the industry has gone through a complete overhaul! 2019 is no exception and is bringing us an all-new set of trends. It might be automated chat boxes, streamlined or single-page websites, or even video backgrounds.

This article will shed some light on some of the best up-and-coming trends for 2019 and help explain how you can implement them on your own website.2020 Web Development Trends

Let us see An Outlook on 2020 Web Development Trends.

Though it might seem an odd trend, the old saying of, “Less is more,” is proving true. One of the trends we are seeing is more and more people using single-page websites. There is no need for navigating through pages of content and it’s a huge time saver. It’s short, sweet, and to the point.

Mobile-First Indexing is another trend that allows powerful features to focus on the millennial generation. The number of users accessing the web on a mobile device is growing by the day. Consequently, PC users are dropping off at nearly the same rate. By utilizing Mobile-First Indexing it will set the mobile version of your website as the starting point for Google index. This can cause an increase in traffic through the google bots from the mobile platform. 2020 Web Development Trends

The Trend of Accelerated Mobile Pages!!

To understand 2020 Web Development Trends, there are some points we need to look after!! One of them is AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is yet another trend. AMP is an open-source feature supported by Google that helps your website content load faster and use data eight times less than traditional websites! This is huge for mobile users, who as we already stated are on the rise!

All You Need To Know About Progressive Web Applications

Next, we have PWA or Progressive Web Applications. These were introduced in 2015 and are now one of the major must-have features for any web development kit. It gives your client an experience on their mobile device that is comparable to the desktop experience.

2020 Web Development TrendsHere is not the end, Web development trends are so many! We promised to give you An Outlook on 2020 Web Development Trends, and here we have come up with another point. We all probably know about push notifications. These can work wonders, or they can drive away all your potential customers. They must be used very wisely. In order to use push notifications, you have to understand client behavior. You can use this feature to make your webpage more unique and engaging, or it can constantly bombard the users with useless information that they don’t want. If used properly, it can draw them in to explore new and exciting features, products, and developments. Understand what your customers are wanting and use push notifications sparingly. 2020 Web Development Trends is not yet finished!


How Customer Support Plays A Crucial Role in The Digital Market!

Moving on, we see chat boxes and customer support, which really isn’t a new thing. However, research shows that over 85% of client communications will happen through a machine on the business end by the year 2020. Chat boxes are a triumphant example of robots taking over humanity’s role. It allows customers a quick and easy option to aid them with their problems. However, just like push notifications, this can be overused. Some people just want to talk to a person. In addition, bots just can’t help with all problems. Have an e-mail or phone number available if the bot can’t or doesn’t meet the needs of your customers! 

 Finally, An Outlook on 2020 Web Development Trends is Here!

All in all, 2019 looks like an exciting year for web development! All developers need to be dedicated and in the know, keeping up with all cutting-edge trends, technology, and applications. Learn what technologies will be on the edge in 2020! and know all the 2020 Web Development Trends, Keep an eye on RedTalkers Hosting to continue getting cutting-edge information, or let our team handle your web development projects for you if you want a professional touch!

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