LiteSpeed Cache for Joomla

LiteSpeed Cache: - A user-friendly page cache module

For Joomla 3.x or later

For Joomla 3.x or later, LiteSpeed Cache is a user-friendly, high-performance page cache module.

With only minor administration work, it will considerably speed up your Joomla website as well as optimize and reduce the generated CPU load.

A quick website can boost your search engine rankings, increase the number of visits and potential consumers your company converts, and improve the overall user experience. What's not to like about that?


Advanced and Accurate Caching

LSCache for Joomla is a Joomla extension that operates by serving static snapshots of dynamic material. It is free and open source. Page load times are drastically lowered by avoiding costly PHP transactions.

The comprehensive tools and tag-based caching approach of LSCJoomla make it simple to maintain an accurate cache. Targeted purging ensures that you never clear too many (or too few) pages from cache when content is refreshed. Furthermore, the cache crawler rebuilds purged pages, reducing the likelihood of users encountering un-cached information.

Serve completely cached, tailored information to logged-in users with LSCJoomla's ESI feature, and make your site quick and accurate for everyone.

Why Should You Use LiteSpeed Cache for Joomla?

The LiteSpeed Cache plugin works with your LiteSpeed Web Server installation and the built-in page cache in LSWS to improve the performance of your Joomla sites.


Dig Into the Advantages

  • Server-Level Full-Page Cache
  • Cache for Logged-in Users
  • Edge Side Includes (ESI)
  • Crawler to Refresh Cache
  • Tag-Based Caching and Purge
  • Cache Mobile and Desktop
  • Flexible Exclude Rules
  • Smart Auto-Purge

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Download the Best LSCache for Joomla and Litespeed.