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Facebook Page Designing- Facebook Business Page

Facebook Page Designing- Facebook Business Page

Why Facebook Page is vital for your business?


Are you looking for enhancing your Facebook page engagement by designing? And do you have a high desire to draw your audience’s attention to what you are sharing on your own business page? RedTalkers keeps assisting you by providing the best answers and relevant statistics about Facebook below.

Make an appealing design for your Facebook Page with redtalkershosting.com team!

Facebook has been a cultural, economic, and social phenomenon with 2.5 billion monthly active users and 18million people users. Recent researches show that approximately 75% of Facebook users check the site daily. As a consequence, it means the marketing opportunities are significantly plentiful on Facebook and a good place for your business, as the average CPC (cost-per-click) on the AdWords search network is $2.32.

  •   Facebook is the ultimate tool for building brand awareness 
  •   Facebook can help small businesses establish trust with search engines.
  •   Users bought $234 million worth of virtual goods and gifts on Facebook over 1/4
  •   You can target your best customers through Facebook advertising.  
  •   Facebook boosts visibility for the last 50 pages a fan interacts with
  •   Shorter posts receive 60% more engagement
  •   Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes Facebook videos on users’ News Feeds

Facebook is one of the great social networking sites which introduces your company and your brand to the local market and builds a bond with current and potential customers. So, here are the most useful clues for designing your Facebook page turning it into a lot more stunning one.

Choose an appealing cover image for your Facebook page

Great way to advertise!

A cover image turns substantial to engage your target audience and the first thing to be noticed when visitors observe arriving on your Facebook page. It not only improves visual appeal but also resonates with the brand value and attracts fans and followers. Therefore, remind some guidelines that you shouldn’t include special characters, superfluous descriptions, and redundant qualifiers, it shouldn’t be more than 20% of the image. Plus, don’t contain misleading wrong, or deceptive content. Essentially, the dimension of the cover photos and profile pictures must be 851x315 and 180x180 pixels expected. Cover photos take up ¼ of the screen on most desktops and it is highly recommended to use high-quality pictures.


Upload videos to increase brand awareness for your Facebook page


It is a great opportunity to establish a connection between you and your followers! Nowadays, as the biggest provider of online video, Facebook is challenging YouTube’s title.

Moreover, you may add video content as it is a great way to improve your Facebook follower count, and engagement and cover videos can be uploaded the same as cover photos. Videos must be between 20 and 90 seconds and cropped to 820 by 462 pixels.

Meanwhile, Facebook also lets you post spherical, 360-degree videos for virtual reality.

Utilize branded images to reach more attention for your Facebook page.

Creating amazing graphics is plays an important role as photos and images account for 77% of fan engagement on Facebook! So, the best way is to create templates for your posts using your brand's bright colors, features, fonts, and images. It is better to start with the website RedTalkers Design.

Use Facebook ads


 If you really intend to expand your audience then you shouldn’t go away from Facebook ads. Even if it is surprising that only around 4% of businesses run ads on Facebook, it is your chance since it means less competition. You can keep designing your visual branding with a carefully crafted Facebook ad.

Here are some benefits of Facebook ads:

  • You can create ads catering to your specific objective
  • You’ll reach far more people than you ever will with organic posts
  • Ads allow you to remarket to people who have already interacted with you
  • You can easily find new leads with Facebook ads
  • The Facebook advertising platform offers robust analytics

Set up a Facebook group for your page

It is a good opportunity to join conversations, target specific audiences, and insert links for conversations. Look through the group description before joining to find out what type of promotional post they may accept.

To gain more traffic on your Facebook page join Facebook groups around the topic of your field. You can build a community by providing advice, asking questions you are interested in, and is known as a subject matter expert.

Add images to your future events to encourage interest

Create a landing page to help push your audience in the right direction

A Facebook landing page is created as an interface that it nudges the audience to follow up on what the ad was asking them to do, sign up for newsletters, donate money as well as purchase a product, or merely share something like a piece of news or another page. Gain your opportunity to include a customized landing page that induces your audience to a free offering in exchange for their email.

Have a look at one of the best examples of a landing page that leads the audience to subscribe to Gary Vaynerchuk’s calendar of upcoming events.

Get to know more about How to Create Pages for a Facebook Ad Campaign

Customize your tabs

As you have 12 total custom tabs at your disposal use this chance to highlight your unique selling propositions through these tabs. And rearrange your tab sections for maximum effect by clicking on the Manage Tabs option and dragging to reorder.

Don’t randomly pull together all images that are fun even if they don’t fit with your brand’s aesthetic and features. So, curate your photos!

Don’t be overly closed to your target audience

Make usage of your own images on your professional Facebook Business page. If you have a team and you work together then show your followers your team members sincerely as your audience wants to see you all and your real work behind the brand on your page.

Building and designing a Facebook page is a really essential part of any business plan as Facebook is seen as the largest social media networking on the Internet that exposes brand awareness widely and develops a bond between your brand and the World at all.


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