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Accessibility is one of the most critical aspects of our job, as many individuals browse the web with impairments that require non-traditional means of website access, such as screen readers and input-assistive devices. Accessibility, though, is also about universal design; designs that can be used through various situations such as mobile devices or older browsers. While there is no clear definition as to how far accessibility extends, a range of best practices to help certain conditions (such as visual, aural, and motor impairments) have been produced. If you’re not already aware of such issues, it’s well worth investigating further.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are a great place to begin looking at the subject of accessibility.

Laws in many countries influence the need for web-accessible websites as a result of governments seeking to give its citizens equal access to information technology. Most web designers can implement accessibility standards at a basic level just by following web standards and best practices, and these implementations often improve the quality of the site produced, even for able-bodied site visitors. Web accessibility is quite an intricate subject, and will require time and experience to learn fully, but knowing that your products provide universal access makes it worth the extra effort.

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