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An important part of any business is the concept of quality control. Being a successful designer means that you need to be passionate and caring of your craft. In such a highly competitive market, the need to maintain a set of standards, do what’s in the users’ best interests and ensure what you produce meets requirements is vital. Whether you are a designer or coder, the ability to not just follow specifications, but also to set your own ideals, is worthy of attention.

Why would anyone release substandard work? Make sure you set high standards for your projects.

Whenever I produce a web design, I have a whole compendium of checklists and requirements that it needs to meet before the project is given the final “all clear.” It takes a bit of time to develop some decent standards for your own work — and it has to be a personal initiative. However, once you have, you can continue to evolve and refine your processes, not only saving time, but also ensuring that you build a solid reputation for yourself as someone who cares about their work’s quality.

Author - Richard Baker
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