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Web design and development is often made up of a series of choices. Knowing how to say “no” is quite an important ability to gain. Knowing when to say “yes” is, too. While this may seem a rather woolly inclusion on our list, if you think about when you produce a website, you constantly deal with micro-decisions, and thus, your ability as a web designer is largely based on how you make judgments and decisions.

Knowing when to say “yes” and “no” is critical.

While it remains an important part of our job — Do we take that client? Should I use PHP? Does it degrade gracefully? — learning about decision-making techniques and incorporating a sound judgment process with your projects is as critical of a skill to learn as code, content, design or theory. Bad decisions lead to a poorly built sites and good decisions save you time, money and stress.

Author - Richard Baker
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Synonyms - all right, alright, aye (also ay), exactly, OK (or okay), okeydoke (or okeydokey), yea, yeah, yep, yo