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OK, so this one is stretching our web design A-Z list a bit. However, keywords do play their part in search engine optimization and web marketing, which relates to web design. Marketing has an unbelievable level of influence on the success of the website projects you build.

Marketing your website can be done on-page, off-page and even totally offline.

While marketing may appear like child’s play, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Advertising, SEO, conferences, meet-ups, sponsorship, social networking, viral promotions, PPC, optimizing your site’s markup, distributing freebies that provide a link back to your site, and many other methods exist. Knowing about keywords, and about SEO and marketing, gives you a leg up. These things, though, are intrinsically going to be a part of the sites you build if you follow web design and web development best practices.

Author - Richard Baker
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