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If there’s one thing that is repeated to you Buzz-Lightyear-style (i.e. “To infinity and beyond!”), it’s the notion that “Content is King.” Without content, your website is worthless. And content isn’t just text and articles such as the one you’re reading now. It’s a web app’s marketing copy, it’s a call-to-action button’s choice of words, it’s the perfectly placed video demo, or that awesome infographic that takes advantage of visual learning. As such, ensuring that you make your content as interesting, readable and as user-friendly as possible is a sure way to encourage regular visits.

Content is king and ensuring it’s easy to understand and visible is part of your job.

Part of readability is the subject of information design, laying out your content in a manner that will appeal to your visitors. Being able to design and code a website are important, but so is usable content.

Author - Richard Baker
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