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Linkedin Page designing tips and tricks for you Business Page

Linkedin Page designing tips and tricks for you Business Page

Are you hesitating to design an appealing LinkedIn Page for your business?


No exact way to start with? Fret not! Take it easy with RedTalkers Design!

There is no better place to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and be close with professionals than on Linkedin. Linkedin is a more effective platform than other types of social media in digital marketing. Here are some reasons why you should use Linkedin and optimize your LinkedIn Page:

  • It is quite a more professional social media network compared to other platforms.
  • Real professionals and students use this platform improvement of their career
  • Linkedin provides great networking opportunities
  • It helps you to build your brand
  • Linkedin includes a great job board

Now, it turns to the authentic facts! Are you with us? Here we go!

  • According to the latest statistics, Linkedin has 675 million monthly users.
  • 61% of Linkedin’s users are between 25 and 34 years old
  • Year by year, engagement has increased up to 50%
  • Americans with a college education account for 51% of users.
  • 89% of B2B leads come from Linkedin

Linkedin Page Headline

RedTalkers Hosting will help you with your LinkedInThe Linkedin headline is the most important when it really comes to how your profile appears in search results. Plus, it is essential as an article heading that urges people to read it.

Keep your Linkedin headline simple in up to 120 characters. Mention what you are good at and how you go about your job.

Be precise, appealing, and specific. Make your headline creative and stands apart from other Linkedin profiles exactly.

It is not bad to be a little boastful as it is a good way to grab visitors’ attention. Show off your accomplishments, awards that you won, and patents you were awarded.

Make Your Linkedin Page Summary Stunning

Your summary represents who you are and in which field you are specialized as it is your online CV. A good Linkedin summary promotes your skills and as well as products/services, attracts recruiters to your profile, and mostly allows you to be outstanding from millions of other Linkedin professional profiles on the platform.

Best Linkedin summary examples include these primary steps:

Hook-Introduce your professional self and make an effective initial impression.

The body-Point out your career highlights, best professional outcomes, and goals. Always use the first person, make it short and sweet.

Call to action- your summary should encourage action

It is the best way to use relevant keywords in your summary and throughout your business page so as to be discovered by search engines easily.

Craft an Amazing Linkedin Page, Cover Photo

Your cover photo indicates your personality. So, you can take your Linkedin business page to the next level and make it look more professional with the help of a cover photo.

You may choose your cover photo of your products or a picture of your team and it may be a large version of your own logo.

Your cover image should be properly 1,584 by 396 pixels or else the image larger than this size will be cropped. Make sure that the image you have chosen is appealing and something you personally enjoy, and you genuinely want it to be an image you can be proud to show off to others.

Promote Your LinkedIn Business Page

For getting more flow of followers, you are expected to promote your Linkedin business page if you want it not to be overlooked.RedTalkers Hosting will help you shoot it out to the world

  • Make regular posts on Linkedin and use relevant hashtags to widen your target audience
  • Promote your Linkedin business page on other social media profiles like Twitter Facebook and etc.
  • Make usage of Linkedin Ads or sponsored content to target campaigns
  • Add a “follow us on LinkedIn” button to create more targeted campaigns.
  • Share posts with reach media

Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page

Don’t miss your opportunity if you want to show off initiatives, a special promotion, or to clearly separate messages for a specific audience so that different clients can benefit from this.

Showcase Pages are found easily in the same way as your Company Page. You can launch showcase pages as an individual entity, with a banner image that is specific to your brand, product/service. Use showcase pages to share company or Sponsored updates, to allow fellow members can follow the needed aspect of the business.

Remember that your readers can only follow the Pages that are of interest, not all Company information on a company page. Consequently, you manage to analyze what is working well on each page and what services are chiefly on demand among your LinkedIn community.

Share Regular Content

It is vital to post content regularly to build an audience on LinkedIn. By sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn you can keep an active regular page, stay in touch with followers, show up as a leader in the industry, and improve your website traffic.

Actually, companies that post weekly see two times the engagement, while brands post once a day reach more traction.

Now that you have major relevant keys to design and promote your LinkedIn business page effectively! So, give it a go! You must be surprised exactly!


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