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Pros & Cons of Joomla - Definition | RedTalkershosting.com

Pros & Cons of Joomla - Definition | RedTalkershosting.com

Joomla is the most leading and well-known CMS. But also there are Pros & Cons of Joomla too as compared to the other open-source CMSs


Mostly, Joomla CMS stands apart from others due to its simplicity and convenience that you can handle anything without any particular web knowledge. If you are a beginner and want to start your business then Joomla is the best choice to turn your personal website into a business one!

While everything has two sides, there are some pros & cons of Joomla CMS too.

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Let’s jump right into the Pros & Cons of Joomla!

RedTalkers shows you all upsides and drawbacks of using Joomla beneath all the hype! Are you ready? 

The Pros & Cons of Joomla!

 Pros & Cons of Joomla


Open-source infrastructure

An open-source platform is available for FREE in Joomla CMS. It is clear that open source powers most of the internet. Joomla uses MySQL for data storage and is powered by PHP. MySQL is the most powerful open source database, and nowadays PHP is the most essential open source web scripting language. Because of using PHP and MySQL, Joomla is approved by many developers to program new Joomla extensions. Furthermore, what makes Joomla 100% open source is a Linux server as well as an Apache webserver.

Flexibility and Usability

One of the best positive points of Joomla is a CMS is suitable for developing different types of websites. You can easily create your own design for your website with some basic HTML knowledge. You can use a range of options and features available in Joomla CMS that allows you to make necessary modules. No matter if you have a website with simple and small posts or a large corporate website and Ecommerce you are welcome to utilize all privileges of Joomla. Did you know that even online communities or online magazines might be created easily by using Joomla CMS?

Joomla extensions

Did you know that Joomla includes more than 8,000 extensions to choose from! Accordingly, the extensions are incorporated in 33 different categories, such as communication, marketing, SMM languages, editing among others. Each extension is labeled and rated out five stars. In fact, Joomla extensions are resourceful and well-developed among all the popular CMSs. What is worth investing in a few premium extensions is that you can reduce time wastage remarkably. In order to understand Joomla, we first need to understand the Pros & Cons of Joomla.

It should be noted that some premium extensions of Joomla CMS are very advanced and can easily compete with other types of Content Management Systems

Joomla templates and themes

No matter if you want to create a personal website for a business or to create a corporate website to serve your international clients, there are Joomla templates for you. All Joomla templates are available for purchases as well as free downloads that are suitable for every niche like business purposes, education, Ecommerce and etc.

There are abundant templates and themes for all kinds of usages. You can make your website look appealing by using the best free Joomla Templates. Joomla corporate template and Joomla portfolio templates are in really high demand to be used widely for specific businesses.

You can easily opt for the template and theme which goes well with your topic and niche. It is precise that Joomla’s premium template market is clearly stunning as template availability is specialized to suit a quite broader spectrum of website types and requirements.

SupportPros & Cons of Joomla

Last but not least! We have reached the turn to the security of Joomla CMS!

If you ever find yourself in trouble or need direction, you can get complete support from the CMS community of Joomla. Therefore, there is no need for any tutorials to work towards the solution to the issue. Plus, you can find also awesome forums and discussion boards fueled with related and needed answers. Their support may remedy your situation too. Pros & Cons of Joomla are so many but we just need to understand it properly.


Paid hosting

Joomla is free to utilize. However, Joomla doesn’t offer you free hosting like other CMS types. You should grasp it as you are really expected to pay for your website on your own server.

It is not the reason to flee from taking other advantages of Joomla, but we wanted to warn you and make you take it into consideration. Aside from this, Joomla includes some plugins that you need to pay for and it makes the cost a bit higher as well.

More complex

If you are not proficient in the CMS, it may genuinely seem to use Joomla CMS as it requires a higher level of knowledge when it comes to the user interface, variety of configuration options, and general website management. Pros & Cons of Joomla are way more.

Joomla’s user interface is seen as complex and it encompasses more functions that make Joomla more complicated than other simples types of CMSs like WordPress. You can learn how to use Joomla as long as you have a strong will and a certain level of expertise in coding, CMS, web development.


Joomla Media Manager does really need development. You may witness the limited capability of editing pictures, scale organizing, resizing, cropping images and etc. You can get help from other leading CMS platforms helping you with extensive website media management.


Joomla stands second after WordPress as a susceptible CMS to hacking simply.
Every site in Joomla uses its own login details which makes the work easier but the site is more vulnerable. Joomla CMS also uses extensions which also puts it at risk to certain illegal plugins. Make sure that if you are observing proper security and risk management measurements to avoid being hacked.

Lack of customization

You may come across an issue while designing in the Joomla script if you are the most advanced developer. Unlike Drupal, Joomla CMS doesn’t offer you complete technical customization but ensures that you can get quite more than what WordPress offers you.

Thus, you have acquired the greatest Pros & Cons of Joomla as a type of CMS platform. So, draw the ultimate conclusion yourself!

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