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Responsive UX/UI Web Design statistics and redefining it!

Responsive UX/UI Web Design statistics and redefining it!

Responsive UX/UI Web Design Statistics & Redefining How It Should Be Now!

When you have a professional team design your Responsive UX/UI Web Design site, you can rest easy knowing that your page will adapt intuitively to whatever device your customers are accessing it from. The content marketing company, Brand Point, found that over 9% of consumers are affected by the visual element of the website when making their purchase decisions. With new devices coming out each year, that means new resolutions for developers to take into consideration.

A website without visitors is like a ship lost on the horizon. Hence, it is preferable, to begin with, RedTalkers Responsive UX/UI Web Design

Spyderweb found that in 2010 there were only 97 unique screen resolution sizes. In 2013, however, that number had climbed all the way up to 232! The only way you will be able to track this statistic is by having a responsive UX/UI Web Design that has been optimized for every user. Customers are turned off and driven away by high wait times, pages that take too long to appear, or the inconvenience of always having to resize their screen on a mobile device.

Factors to look after when designing a Website!

Responsive web design statistics

In 2009, 47% of internet users reportedly expected a load time of just two seconds for a webpage. In a study by Akamai, a cloud service provider, it was discovered that 40% of people left the webpage they were viewing if they had not gained access to a page within 3 seconds. That leaves a very narrow window of opportunity for businesses! It is fair to assume that the expectations of the people have only increased in recent years. External factors, such as a lack of Wi-Fi or 4G, can certainly affect performance, but you can never underestimate the importance of internet speed for a business site. The Web designers can specifically program your responsive website to load the most important aspects of your website first. Hence Responsive UX/UI Web Designmatters a lot.

A Responsive UX/UI Web Design Can:

  • Brand perception is influenced by UX/UI Web Design.
  • Incorporating accessibility features expands possibilities.
  • A well-designed website has a longer shelf life.
  • The design of a website conveys a story and establishes a connection with visitors.
  • They can even ensure that graphics load at a later stage, thus hurrying along with the loading of the most crucial features of your page.

The pre-eminence of UX/UI Web Design:

Responsive web design

Never forget, design matters! It can have a huge impact on the number of new visitors and repeat visitors. People who browse search engines in your specific category will only be turned away by long load times or non-responsive websites. Web designers, Domain7, have stated that there was a 99% increase in unique visitors for one of their clients after they revamped with responsive UX/UI Web Design. So, if your mobile website leaves your visitors with an unpleasant experience, they are far less likely to view your entire organization favorably. They will likely tell friends and family about their experiences as well. Industry experts at the Search Engine Journal discovered that 57% of people would never recommend any company that ran a poorly designed webpage. This only strengthens our case for a consistent web strategy that allows your customers to view everything in whichever way they prefer. Have a project for us? Let's Chat

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