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The Importance of Website Design - Need To Look After

The Importance of Website Design - Need To Look After

The Importance of website design and the reasons to invest in it!

 Importance of Website DesignIntroduction

The importance of Website Design is all we need to know! With staggering amounts of traffic coming from various mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via games, Apps & online browsing, your site must be mobile device friendly. A mobile-friendly website allows you to gain traffic from mobile devices and makes it easy for your prospective customers to browse your site and make a purchase for your product/service.

Herein, in this article, we will tell you about The Importance of Website Design and will put forth compelling reasons that suggest how indispensable it is to make your site responsive ( for multiple screens. So, without any further delay, let’s find out:-

  • Increasing Mobile Traffic
  • Online Shopping on Mobile Devices
  • Social Media Boost Traffic
  • Boost SEO Rankings
  • Adapt to Multiple Devices
  • One Site is Easier to Manage


Let’s Talk in Detail what is the Importance of Website Design:-

Reason 1: Increasing Mobile Traffic

Well, Importance of Website Design but one of the factor to look after is Increasing Mobile Traffic. As said earlier, mobile traffic is soaring with the passing day.

Do you know about 58% of Americans have smartphones, while 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices?

As a matter of fact, there are more smartphones than people on this planet. And, the mobile users with scaling new heights every month. So, we can say, every more and more potential customer will browse your site via a mobile device. If the browsing experience isn’t up to the mark, in most likelihood, they will hop out of your site to your competitors. This, in turn, will hamper your brand image in your target image.

Do you want this to happen? No, then Contact RedTalkers, to get all the assistance and knowledge regarding the Importance of Website Designs, as we have a skilled panel of coders with a wealth of practical industry experience & knowledge to build responsive sites that convert like crazy.

Reason 2: Online Shopping on Mobile Devices

Not just the Internet users browse sites on mobile devices, but they are also shopping from it. This is the reason why online shopping from mobile devices is increasing. People these days love the convenience of buying their clothes while on their way back home.

Do you know 70% of the users order on their mobile devices while in-store, and 80% while watching T.V.? So, if your products & services are not readily viewable on various mobile devices, you’re missing an ocean of opportunities. And hence you need to understand the Importance of Website Design.

Reason 3: Social Media Boost Traffic

Over 55% of the social media scrolling happens on mobile devices, so you can expect users to come to your site from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram page, or YouTube channel.

So, suppose you’ve implemented a proper social media strategy. In that case, it goes without saying that you must make your website responsive to take advantage of the leads you bag from the various social media channels. We are here to help you up with the knowledge regarding the Importance of Website Design.

Social MediaReason 4: Boost SEO Rankings

Yes, you heard it right, top search engines such as Google and Bing love sites that are possible for various screens, therefore ranking such websites higher than their market rivals.

If you want to be in the good books of Google’s search algorithm, then better make yourself responsive or be ready to struggle with continuously dipping keyword rankings. With us, Know the Importance of Website Design.

Reason 5: Adapt to Multiple Devices

A good, responsive site design is one that looks great no matter what the screen size is. Don’t think of responsive site design being limited to smartphones and tablets and future devices like the Google Glass, smartwatches, whatever device that lets people surf the Internet.

In simple words, we can easily deduce, that responsive websites are today and tomorrow in web development. Because the Importance of Website Design is way too vast.

Reason 6: One Site is Easier to Manage

Having one website that works on mobile devices and desktops is way much easier to manage than a different site. Instead of having a separate site, have one responsive website, and be adaptable to multiple screen sizes. This means you’ve to update the site once, regardless of how differently people consume the content. Thus, as the cost of website management decreases, your ROI increases.

Let’s Wind Up!

Have an unresponsive website or want to know more about The Importance of Website Design? Don’t worry; contact team Red Talkers, and our programmers will tweak your site to make it responsive for various devices.

We assure you of fast turnaround time and the most competitive pricing in the market.

If you’ve any queries or doubts about responsive website design, then also reach out to your developers.

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