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Twitter Profile Page Design that will get you noticed

Twitter Profile Page Design that will get you noticed

Twitter Profile Page, one of the trendy social media platforms!


In fact, Twitter has 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily users. Twitter is also a great tool for brand recognition and establishing a strong digital marketing campaign that provides access to millions of users. What is essential is that Twitter not only provides businesses with access to audiences around the World but also presents an opportunity to interact with customers in lieu of promoting products and services constantly.

Twitter is one of the essential social media tools which allows forming a bridge between you and your target audience. Plus, it can be a powerful social channel for your business as long as you design a perfect Twitter profile page.

Setting up your Twitter profile page strategically means more for growing your following.

A common question which circles your mind can be “How to design a good Twitter profile page?”  Meet answers on RedTalkers Hosting website. Ready? Here we go!

Twitter Profile Page Header Photo

Twitter Profile Page, header photo is an important factor in how a follower views your Twitter account and clicks to see its summary. It plays a major role in deciding whether to follow your Twitter page or not. Twitter recommends you make the header 1500x500 pixels. While. It doesn’t mean you have all this space to yourself as Twitter is inclined to crop the top and bottom of a header of the desktop. Therefore, you should leave at least 42 pixels on top and bottom because that will usually be cropped off.

Remember that, Twitter accepts PNG or JPEG and GIF format as well. It is one of the first steps that grasp people’s attention when they land your profile, so personalize your profile and further your branding.Twitter Profile Page

Utilize high-quality cover images to grab the attention

Work on Your Twitter Profile Page Bio

The vital way is to dramatically increase your follower count, write an appealing and great Twitter Profile Page bio. Take an opportunity of showing your personality, skills, and charisma!

  • include hashtags and relevant URLs
  • don’t be too formal
  • share what you are passionate about
  • reduce your buzzwords
  • be accurate

Your bio must include up to 160 characters!

As it is clear that Twitter Profile Page has its own search engine and ensures that you have used words, phrases in your bio which is keyword reach.


Make Your Twitter Profile Page Avatar Stunning

The best way to leave the right impression on people! It plays a vital role for a Twitter Profile Page user to make his brand identity and personal identity recognized. Consequently, your profile picture should be original and easy to catch attention to. By using you’re the same image consistently across many sites leads people to recognize it easily. Your picture matters as you like or not many people determine to follow or unfollow regarding your profile picture look

Try to upload a bigger picture of at least 400x400 pixels for your Twitter avatar.

Use a smaller condensed version of your logo keeping it unique from the header photo.

Represent a picture of yourself and it should

  • Be professional, formal, pleasant, and outstanding
  • looks like you in real life
  • genuinely reflects who you are
  • highlights your best qualities


Pin Your Tweets

You may choose any of your Tweets to stay pinned to the top of your profile page so that everyone can notice them at a glance. By pinning tweets focused on your profile photo and brand you could attract connections that help your business. Plus you manage to

  • draw follower’s attention
  • test marketing efforts
  • generate traffic
  • promote content for free
  • increase social proof

Twitter Profile PageDesign It Online

You can click Settings, on the Twitter home page, from the top-right menu, and you will witness a series of tabs for getting your design online. In the click design section you will get a favorite selection of Twitter Profile Page themes. You will see two important links right below that: Change background image and Change design color. Thanks to these links you manage to select and tweak colors and designs you wanted for your page’s background.


Your Tweets Can Be New Designs

Your Twitter photos can be a part of the design. As you are sharing appropriate, high-quality content on your Twitter page, you are constantly updating your design with fresh, relevant content for your audience using a range of hashtags.

Provide Clients with Creative Twitter Profile Page Lists to follow.

Twitter Profile Page Lists open up an opportunity to convey more content to your client base, besides this, they help you to read and interact with tweets from users concerning the criteria that you choose. By creating Twitter lists you gain a chance of saving your time and searching since they enable you to quite more effectively target and engage with the journalists, influencers, and customers who are important for your business career.

There are many ranges of different things to give an excellent image while you are designing your Twitter profile page, it depends on your own way of style and fantasy. Whilst the useful and reliable ways you get now highly convince you to try it out. So, see the result!


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